Sci-fi Comedy Book
July 17, 2018

Known Universe: the Lost Earth

About the Sci-fi Comedy Book An unhygienic, three eyed alien and a more or less decent guy, both from the planet Gyagg Septimus Omega Mu, are travelling through the Known Universe in search of a mythical lost planet, known as “The Earth“. They are soon joined by a grumpy toaster, who goes by the name […]

July 17, 2018

The Trick of Advertising

The Book About Advertising and Marketing 101 This book is about the real life experience I have gained during my decades in the advertising industry, from assistant copywriter to creative director and finally owner of my own advertising agency. This is not a book about million dollar budgets and huge advertising corporations. It’s about down […]

July 17, 2018

Kent Raju

As a seasoned entrepreneur and marketing strategist with 25 years in the industry, I now lead as the CEO and founder of a prominent global document management system. My journey, enriched with experiences as a creative director at a top ad agency and a podcaster, allows me to wear multiple hats – a consultant helping […]